This is my trading file to organise and jot down my take on the market .I do Technical Analysis. This blog is to keep track of my baby steps so that I can look back at my journey .Looking back tells me how far I have come from days when I knew nothing and can go further .It gives me motivation to keep going on even when I am tired. One has to back up trading with their own studies. The charts I post here are 99% inspired from Ilango sir.

Friday, 16 December 2011

MA Channel Setting

As I was backtesting I see lots of whipsaws and small profits when I plot 5 high and 5 low channel . Plotting 20 High and 20 Low ema/sma with 5 period as the signal line lets you stay  in the trade for longer time and wipsaws are less though there are wipsaw there as well . One can fine tune it with plotting 10 period MA as well on the same chart and Part booking at 5 and 10 MA crossover.I will try to follow this for some time.Have a look

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