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Friday, 16 December 2011

What a Fall!!

OMG !! what a fall

So covering at 4782 was really good .
Look at the channels now.

Going short below
 first below hour low ema and then below day low ema would have been great , but I did not do that .
Currently nifty has broken the Low at 4639 and touched 4628 today , very bearish sceen as seen by me .

On the Higher counts I am counting as
ABC zigzag from 5400
    A- 5400-4639 =761
    B- 4639-5099 = 460
    C is on (Down) in 5 waves , Expectation = A = 761 which comes to 4338 !!!!!!
           1   5099-4728 =371
           2   was a irregular flat , whose wave c could not do the expected that is above wave b so effects could be very implusive wave 3 ...I guess which we saw today.
      so 2 = 90
             c-4673-4818 ( fell short of expectation which was above 4839 atleast)
Now 3 going on in 5 waves min target = 1 = 371 which comes to 4447
 we touched 4628 today 16th dec.
I think i is done of this 3 as
           i- 4818-4628=190  
          ii-4628-4671* is going on
         Retracement lvls for this corrective wave can be
         23.6%(4673) Almost done today
         61.8%(4745)Golden ratio
Lets see what Monday brings.

A good +ve divergence is also seen in 9 rsi hour chart .
I can see fast fall as well here with 7 and 34 Sma .

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