This is my trading file to organise and jot down my take on the market .I do Technical Analysis. This blog is to keep track of my baby steps so that I can look back at my journey .Looking back tells me how far I have come from days when I knew nothing and can go further .It gives me motivation to keep going on even when I am tired. One has to back up trading with their own studies. The charts I post here are 99% inspired from Ilango sir.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

When will I learn to CLick ?

Twice nifty reached the 5400 lvl where I wanted to go short ...Reason
1) -ve divergence seen in day chart yesterday
2) Nifty gapped up and opened at Channel Top .
3) Golden ratio 61.8 % done at 5404 from the fall 5944-4531.

Good enough reasons to go short ..with SL=5414 day high ..Just 15 Points risk and good gains .
4) risk to reward ratio was also favorable .
5) Hour SAR triggered "sell" at 5364 .

4 Good reasons to go short ...
Prices did close below the HLema but with filter of 15 points they did not qualify for a "sell" , this was the only thing that did not qualify ...

I clicked the sell button twice and canclled the order , WHY??

I was afraid of losing that 15 points  ...Having been lost some money already in the markets...
How to overcome this aspect in trading  , will time teach me this ?


raju4u said...

There s a Trading indecisiveness common to all of us...
Its a psychological I think/
By the way I too am from Bangalore and starting to learn TA.

Smita said...

Best of luck for your studies raju4u.

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