This is my trading file to organise and jot down my take on the market .I do Technical Analysis. This blog is to keep track of my baby steps so that I can look back at my journey .Looking back tells me how far I have come from days when I knew nothing and can go further .It gives me motivation to keep going on even when I am tired. One has to back up trading with their own studies. The charts I post here are 99% inspired from Ilango sir.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

15/12 observation

Yet another +ve divergence seen in hourly charts , with 14 RSI  Also nifty at the upper band of the channel . Moving average channels ( 5hour high , 5 hour Low) has again given a buy today at 2 'oclock close .
at 4840-4850 lvls . Stop loss at close below 5 Hour low.

Let me maintain a trade table for MA Hour channel .

Date PositionSizeEntrySlExitP/L

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